James Lantz



Commercial Production


As an award-winning writer and director of over 200 commercial films and videos, James Lantz has produced work for numerous Fortune 500 clients including American Express, American Airlines, Mobil Oil, Alamo Rental Cars among others. He is currently working on a series of television commercials for a Vermont credit union. See an example of this work and others here.

American Machine


American Machine is the story of a great factory that once made parts for classic American cars, and a makeshift family of six friends who are faced with rumors that their employer will soon be closing its doors forever. Co‑commissioned by The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, American Machine was called "Powerful" by the Burlington Free Press.

“American Machine doesn't use plot to develop its characters; instead, it uses Lantz's richly formed characters to develop its plot, or more precisely its point: That we have nowhere to go but down if our American dreams grind to a halt. That all sounds pretty heavy. Actually, humor carries much of American Machine.”
—Brent Hallenbeck, Burlington Free Press

A Defiant Dude


A Defiant Dude is the documentary tale of a t-shirt artist, Bo Muller-Moore, who defies Chick-fil-A when they lay claim to his art and website over a charge of trademark infringement. Over 2000 backers funded the film on Kickstarter.com. www.ADefiantDude.com

“Watch this beautiful trailer for a documentary on how Chick-fil-A is trying to shut down a small Vermont business owner who makes "Eat More Kale" shirts, and how the business owner is fighting back. It's called A Defiant Dude, and is absolutely worth three minutes of your time.”
—David Harris Gershon, DAILY KOS

The Bus


The Bus is the story of two boys who meet clandestinely at night in a parked church bus in the shadow of a powerful church where they hide a secret love. www.TheBusThePlay.com

“The Bus is theater magic! It’s beautiful in every way theater should be! …The best show I’ve seen in a long, long time!”
—Weston Clay, Theatre Is Easy, NYC

"Intimate and touching"
The Advocate

"An extraordinary play!"
Burlington Free Press

James Lantz